hey hey hey, possible new askblog?

(psssst, hey there precious bbys ouo

i have an idea for a second ask blog

check it:

you pretty much would just ask to see any of the trolls/kids (minus aranea and possibly fef; i haven’t gotten the supplies for them) in any au setting
and then you’ll get either a picture/gif/video of them uwu~ what do you think? your feedback is super important!!!)

so shit

((my ask blog just kinda

died on me

all the gifs disappeared?

im just gonna

reboot this blog )’:

i havent been on at all anyway

soooo restarting seems like a good idea to me
um ill keep all the recent asks (which im really thankful for!)
and hopefully be on more! i just need to find a new gif program now
love you!!!! <3))